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Tube Amp Hall Of Fame #4
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This is a vintage 1950s single-ended "Class A" amp chassis
 from a Supro Super model 1606 combo amp.
The tube setup is (1) 6SJ7 preamp, (1) 6V6 output,
 and (1) 5Y3 rectifier.
Dynaco Tube pre-amp
stereo , 4 ea. 12ax7

Kamico guitar amp from the 50's. It has a Jensen 8" F8RS
 field coil speaker in perfecr shape.
Tubes are 6SJ7 preamp, 6F6 power tube in Class A, and 80 rectifier.
KT power tubes? some one help me out on this one.
2 x EL84 Preamp Tubes : 2 x 12AX7 RMS Power Output :
15 Watts Class A Speakers : 12' Ampeg Vintage
Fisher Model 100 "TUBE" Mono HI-FI Amp
 Mono block amplifier from the 1950's
It has the original EL-37 mullard output tubes?
 Stromberg-Carlson model AU 33 8 tube
The tubes  are 3 6SJ7's, 1 6SF5, 1 6N7, 1 5U4-G, and 2 beautiful 6L6-G's