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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #5
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omg lookey here

1949 Fender TV Front Tweed Deluxe Guitar Amplifier
this is the sweetest thing i've seen in a while. Thanks for the pix.
                                                                                  10-15 watts . so im thinking 6v6 ?

the Tigris  by Mesa
35 Watt per channel class "A" integrated amplifier 4 line level inputs, selector knob in front for Tape, CD, Aux1, Aux2 1 Volume knob 4 12ax7 pre-amp tubes, 8 EL84 power tubes, 4 6V6 power tubes Tandem state imaging. Combines Pentode/Triode operation simultaneously to create hybrid sonics activated by 3 way toggled switch. Inwards = all Pentode, Center = 2 EL84 -2 6V6 in Pentode / 2 EL84 in Triode, Outward = 2 EL84 - 2 6V6 in Triode/ 2 EL84 in Pentode recording output, pre-amp output switch for speaker or dedicated headphone amp 4 ohm or 8 ohm speaker


DR. Z Prescription 112 COMBO 38 WATT Amp NICE

Dr. Z KT-45 KT45 Guitar Amp Amplifier
basis of this amp's design is it's EF-86 (preamp tube)

Dr. Z KT45 Combo Amplifier

2002 Dr Z Maz 18 jr 2-10 combo guitar amp purchased new 04/27/02
God these Dr-Z amps are sweet---18 conservatively rated class A watts with reverb.
 Has volume,treble, mid,bass,master,cut, and reverb controls
See harmony central web site for all the rave reviews.
 See Dr Z's web site for more details

Here are the specs: Power Output: 18 Watts Output Tubes: 2 - EL-84 Preamp Tubes: 4 - 12AX7, 1 - 12AT7 Rectifier: 1 - GZ34 Controls:
McINTOSH 225 TUBE POWER AMPLIFIER - 25W/ch Stereo or 50W Mono

I know its not USA But its a damn tube amp none the less
 and a fine one at that
Sovtek  50 watt
So sweet this wireing is the nicest, I love the minimal circut.

Scott 210 F mono analog tube amp
Sunn A212 Guitar Combo
two 5560 power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes
40 watts?
crate vintage club tube anp 60 watt

Peavey 5150 100watt guitar head
Alot of air in there, this is a Carvin 60 watt (nice set up)
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