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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame
Tube Amp (and Mono Block)  Hall of Fame #1
This is the one that got it all going
please excuse the wacko format!             
Mabye you want to know a little about tube amps?
MULLARD "world series" in 1958
MatAmp the new--- Kings of Valve!!
a Velleman 90watt per, this has got to be
the most beautiful amp yet
75watt stereo
50 watt stereo
40 watt mono
30 watt mono

a JoLita 50 watt stereo
a EICO 40 watt stereo (damn bitmaps)
a Heathkit 40 watt mono  amp/ preamp
a Pilot  25 watt per channel

a AMC-Pete Bath integrated el-34 amp circa 2000
OMG  what a beautiful amp circa 2001  They are keeping the Tube Amp  alive and crafting some excelent units..
Bottoms up  - clean design   Thanks EveAnna Manley (The tube chick)
250 watts per channel  monoblock
a 50 watt manley mono block
RCA twin Mono Blocks
Model 9335B serial #'s 2712 2711,20 watts
Bottoms up
More RCA
RCA model# 4288-G Electron tubes amps
25 watts per channel of pure Class A power via four 6L6GB/C
Dynaco mkIV tube amps
Röhrenendverstärker Single-ended Monotriode, 2 x 3 Watt,
Marshall 9100 dual monobloc stereo tube amplifier 50 watt per channel
9200 is a Dual MonoBloc amplifier - meaning that each side (channel) of the stereo amplifier operates as a completely independent unit. 100W + 100W
1974 Marshall 50 watt Amplifier,
Dickey Betts's amps. Nice.   read about it at Doug Hoffmans site.
He is keeping the "Tube Faith" alive. If you need parts check with him.
no thats not him there in the pic.
Bassman 300     (modelT ?)
EveAnna  has an awesome page of old gear take a look,
(Man, I wish I had one of those old amps and a pair of those Tannoy's)